FluxtoFlow™ Electromechanical Actuator System for stepless capacity control


FluxtoFlow™ an electromechanical actuator system for the stepless capacity control in reciprocating compressors has been completely developed by Dott. Ing. Mario Cozzani S.r.l. in order to meet growing need of energy saving, stability of the process and reduction of emissions.
Industrial applications such as refineries, chemical plants, gas transport and storage require a reliable, quick, precise and, above all, flexible stepless capacity control system so as to suit all end-user needs.



FluxtoFlow™: Field Installation
FluxtoFlow™ Working Principle

The FluxtoFlow™ system is based on the reverse flow principle that consists in:

  • Making a given quantity of gas flow back into the suction plenum;
  • Controlling the capacity of the compressor by keeping the suction valve opened beyond the bottom dead center;
  • Compressing only the required gas quantity in order to obtain energy saving.
FluxtoFlow™ Electromechanical Actuator

The innovative control system for suction valves is based on an electromechanical actuator which is operated only by electrical current. The necessary force to control the valve is obtained by means of a magnetic field. The main feature of the actuator provides the name “Flux To Flow” to the system: the magnetic Flux controls the compressor Flow.

  • Only power required: holding force is generated by the magnetic field;
  • High dynamic performances;
  • Built-in position sensor;
  • Non linearity of the force-displacement relation: Low Power Consumptions;
  • Adjusting device for easy installation;
  • ATEX 94/9/EC: II 2G EEx e c T4.

Thanks to electrical power only, the system generates, for each of the windings inside the actuator, a magnetic field which is adequately intense to attract the movable metallic components and to operate the necessary force to keep the valve shutter open during the compression cycle.
FluxtoFlow™ Advantages
  • Maximum energy saving;
  • Electromechanical actuator: only electrical connections are needed;
  • Maximum system adaptability to the process requirements;
  • Stepless capacity control;
  • Wide capacity control range (10-100%);
  • High dynamic performances;
  • Independent control for each actuator;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • Synchronized acting with the compressor cycle;
  • Remote monitoring.
FluxtoFlow™ Application Range
  • Maximum compressor speed: 1200 rpm;
  • Maximum holding force: 8.000 N       NEW – upgrade;
  • Capacity Control Range: 10 ÷ 100%;
  • Suitable for oil-free or lubricated operating;
  • Suitable for corrosive environment;
  • Suction valve with plate or ring;
  • Maximum number of controlled valves: 32;
  • ATEX 94/9/EC: II 2G EEx e c T4.
** The combination of suction pressure, temperature, valve size, gas type and compressor speed, defines the operating range of the system.

Compressor Valves

  • Plates Valves
  • Ring Valves
  • Reed Valves
  • Concentric Valves
  • Poppet Valves
  • SNC Valve
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Non Return Valves

Cozzani check valves with minimal pressure drop are suitable for pulsating conditions which are typical for reciprocating compressors, for vertical or horizontal installation. They are designed and tested according to the European Directive 97/23/CE (P.E.D.) concerning pressurised equipment.

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Unloading Systems

For unloading the compressor, various actuator configurations are available, acting on the suction valves keeping them open and excluding the flow of the respective cylinder or effect. The actuators are specifically designed according to the compressors working conditions, following the customers technical instructions and when necessary, in conformity with international norms.

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Dott. Ing. Mario Cozzani s.r.l has developed a new highly resistant material to be used for plates or rings on valves of reciprocating compressors in extreme working conditions.

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